DVD Transfer

I’ve just finished my first animation with TBS4. It was only meant to be a project to allow me to get to grips with the software, but I wouldn’t mind showing the cartoon to my family on a DVD. I used 18 frames per second, with the size 500x375. Any ideas on getting the best transfer to DVD? I’m English so we use the Pal format. I’m also on a Mac and aiming to use iMovie and iDVD.


I am not sure have the proper frame rate for PAL DVD (should be 25 fps) so you might have to go through an editing software to change this and you may notice some changes in the timing since some stretching will need to be done. Else then if you are to put in on DVD you need to output to the PAL resolution format (768*576).

In the end you should always consider the final output format you are aiming for before you start doing the project itself for different media will accept different setup and you may in the end need to spend quite some time fixing the animation because it was not properly planned.

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I work om a Mac here in Canada, and after saving the animation to DV format in TBS, I use Toast 6 Titanium by Roxio. This software will save in NTSC and PAL format. All you do is drag your saved DV from its folder onto the open Toast window, put in the blank disc and click burn.

It also will build a DVD menu if you burn multiple animations.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies. In the end I simply exported the QT movie as Pal and put it directly into iDVD and burned a DVD. It plays fine on my TV/DVD set up. The settings 768x576 resulted in a ‘zoomed in’ picture so I used 720x576 which approximated the visible area in the QT movie. There are some weird bending of horizontal lines in the top left of the screen. But considering I never intended to put the film onto DVD I reckon I’ve got lucky. The movement is not noticeably different to the QT playback on my Mac (no stretching or jerky movements), and sound is in sync. However, I’ll be studying the need for correct frame rate in future projects.