Dvd editing software

HELLO i am making a movie and i was planning to do every scene as a different toonboom document to reduce the exporting time and i would join them together using a dvd editing software. So last week i bought Vegas Movie Studio+Dvd but with this software every time i export it it turns my animations into interlaced I’ve done every thing in this program to make my movie progressive I changed the propertie to progressive but when i export it it still interlaced. I don’t know if its a problem in the properties when i export from toonboom. For exporting my movie i export it as a quicktime movie wItH an animation compression the export size is HD 1280x720 16:9 (FOr widescreen) i don’t know if i should keep it like this in the quicktime format or export it as dv but when i tryed to export as dv and pull it into Vegas the interlacing is gone but the movie is no longer is widescreen again maybe i’m doing something wrong. or should i just upgrade to V3.5 i heard that all you have yo do is click the format you want to export like to dvd widescreen( like i’m trying to do) and you just click that and you can start your project with everything already set. Anyone with any knowledge on Vegas would greatly be appreicate as well as what i was talking about with the new version of toonboom
Thank you