Dvd burner

Hi I’m unsure if anyone has any knowledge on Dvd burners but I’ll ask anyway. I’m thinking of purchasing a new dvd burner i don’t know if i should get an 18x or 20x I really want the 20x because its faster. The only reason why i can’t choose is because of the dvd discs. I’ve seen 18x discs at stores but not 20x i’d get the 20x dvd burner but i haven’t seen any of 20x discs. Does anyone think i should just get the 18x or does anyone know where an 20 dvd disc is sold. Or anyone one with experience in dvd burners and the kinds you guys use will be very useful inormation.

Well, I presume it’s all a matter of personal choice, availability and price.

Most CD/DVD burner are able to read and write CD-R’s at up to 24x speed
and CD-RW’s and DVD’s at up to 16x speed.

Some might be able to write DVD’s at up to 24x speed (even I haven’t seen
any such discs yet). If you prefer that kind of speed and it’s available - go for it.

I personally use a Lacie DVD±RW double layer 16x 8x 16x in combination
with Toast Titanium for all my backup and DVD-movie-burning.
I really don’t care if my DVD is ready in 30 or 45 minutes as long as I am happy
with the outcome.

Please keep in mind that DVD’s might be replaced very soon by “Blu-ray-disc” or HD-DVD.


Toast Titanium 8 is already set up for Blu-ray and Lacie is shipping its
Blu-ray Drive by the end of March.