DV NTSC Frame Rate 29.97

When attempting to set DV NTSC to a Frame Rate of 29.97 it always resets back to 30.
The online manual says if you use DV NTSC you should get
Camera size of 750 x 540 Real Frame size of 720 x 480 and a frame Rate of 29.97 which should be DVD and Broadcasting setting. Whenever and what ever I try It always sets it back to a frame rate 30 and then my Studio 9
informs me it will be out of sync.
The only Place I see you can set the frame rate to 29.97 is when you out put your movie in Export. All other attempts to set it to 29.97 is will not allow (open, etc.).

Any one know what I am missing???


Inside Toon Boom Studio use 24 frame per seconds. Then export to DV stream (click options to set NTSC or PAL, 4:3 or 16:9).

Your software should accept this video output.

What is Studio 9 ? Ulead Video Studio ?


Hi: Mathieu

Thanks for your reply. However, this did not work for me.
I have done research and would like to point out some things that I have found that might be helpful in solving this problem.

The on line manual section “Selecting Preset Animation Properties” states the following:
"DVD and Broadcasting (note the difference between the camera size and the size of the frame shown on screen)
DV NTSC CS Pix = 750 x 540 RFS Pix = 720 x 480
FRS = 29.97 preferred Output = DV/DVCPRO

On the New Project Screen When you enter Format = DV NTSC you get a Frame Rate of 30 and Camera size of 720 x 540 (Refer to Presets above). If you try to change the Frame Rate to 29.97 it will only allow for 29 and if you try to change the Camera size to 750 x 540 it reverts back to CUSTOM. Looks like a problem to me?
Once you have entered TOOM BOOM under play Frame-Rate
you can only allow for rates of 1,2,12,24,30. The manual states you must set the correct rate before you do the lip-sync or it will be out of sync.
Now when you try to set the default under File-Animation Properties it will also not allow you to set the Frame rate to 29.97.
Now when you go to the Export Movie-Export (Screen) setting to any of the formats allowed with either most recent or default you will not get the Frame = 29.97; and if you go to the Options menu of this screen which takes you to the Movie Settings Screen and click on settings you will come to the Compressions Settings Screen which you can set many different FRAME RATE including the 29.97 Rate.
However, when you click OK and return to the Movie Setting Screen it says you will have the Frame Rate of 29.97. This all sounds good, however, it really does not output a 29.97 Frame Rate it outputs a 30 Frame Rate.
You will also note if you return to the Movie Setting screen you will it reset the Frame Rate to 30 instead of the 29.97 Rate it said before.

So here is my story. Sorry if this is to long, but it is a long story, to a big problem for me. I want to put out animated quality DVD’s which at this point I see no way of doing.

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: In answear to your question “What is Studio 9?”
Studio 9 is a video editing program put out by Pinnacle Systems. It handles avi files with a NTSC Frame rate of 29.97 Aspect Ratio of 4.3 frame size of 720 x 480 as well as others MPEG1 and MPEG2.

It is the program I was going to use to put my final animation out a DVD Disk.

Once again Thanks for your help:

Hey John try this if you haven’t already done so
in the toon boom file/ animation properties window
set it to 720x540 frame rate 30

export stream dv ntsc and you don’t have to do anything
your movie should export at 29.97

if you decide to use avi or quictime
go to options settings
you’l have to change the frame rate in the settings pulldown tab
set it 29.97 and it should give you the same results

good luck

Hi Jim:

Thank you for your reply. Your solution is pretty much the same as Mathieu’s. And Mathieus’s will put out an
720 x 480 file with a frame rate of 29.97, however, it is in the QuickTime format and not accessible to any of my other programs but Quicktime, Which my version does not out put files. No other program I have can accept this file in the QT format. Pinnacle’s Studio 9, Nero, Showbiz, Sonic MYDVD all cannot accept QT format. Since my goal is to put out a DVD that is in sync I am still looking for a solution.

Now these programs will accept the file created in DV NTSC
outputed as DV/DVCPRO but it thinks it has a frame rate of 30 rather than 29.97 and says it could cause a sync problem.

You will also notice that the Toom Boom presets states the DV NTSC should be Camera Size 750 x 540 not 720 x 540
but it does default 720 x 540. I also tried the DV NTSC Anamorphic preset which creates the correct Camera Size of 853 x 480 which creates a real frame rate of 720 x 480
but it does not create a Frame Rate of 29.97 as stated.

You are correct that in the output you can set it to 29.97, however, if go back to the MOVIE SETTING screen before puting it out, you will see that TBS changed it to 30 again. Reference my previous reply to Mathieu.

I really do appreciate your comments, but I believe the problem still exist.

Thanks again Jim. Got any other Ideas, ill try.


ok john i’m stumped
i think you got it right but it’s not working
i have mine set to 30 frames in the application
and it makes the changes for dvstream
and i can change 30 to 29.97 if i go the other root

so having said that lets try this

i’m using a mac and i’m guessing your pc
and the toon boom i’m using 3.5

ok thats cool
but now listen to this
where as i can change the frame rate to whatever i like the new and improved toon boom will not alow me to change the size
of the export
no matter what i do it always reverts back to the same size that i set the app at

i talked to the techs and they said it’s a bug in 3.5 rnd is on it
toon boom 3 had no such problems everything work properly

could it be the same bug in a differnt form for your pc
i don’t

have you talked to the powers that be


Hi Jim

Sorry I have been so long getting back to you. I have been very busy lately.

Yes I’m using a PC and Yes I’m using TB Studio V3.5
As you said TBS is working a this V3.5 bug, I have always felt that it was a bug, just wanted to here that from someone else. Since I am new to TBS, used V3.0 for a short time learning it. I don’t recall having this error. I will go back and try V3.0 just to see if I gets the same results.

I was under the impression Mathieu was on the TBS team and would have known this was a bug, however, he did not reply as such.

Yes putting out DVSTREAM does work defaulting to 29.97, however, I have no program that will output it to a DVD.
I refer to several programs I have that handles avi files but not the DVSTREAM out put. Please read my previous replies. My Quicktime read program does read the DVSTREAM but does not output to DVDs. That is how I know DVSTREAM works (you can check the file info and it show it as 29.97. However, all of the AVI programs that I have will accept the AVI file, but the info shows as 30 not 29.97 and gives me a message that says I could have sync errors.

Thanks once again for your reply, hopefully we will get this corrected at some time in the near future.


well john it seems I have the exact same problem you have
i’ve been exporting as stream dv for some quick views and missed it

and your right toon boom 3 did not have this problem

i just notified toon boom and I’m sure they’ll be on it
otherwise we’re stuck in the no frame zone


Hi Guys,

I just want to say that we are looking into this problem right now.

There has been a lot of new stuff with this QuickTime player.

I will ask Ugo to post the details in here.


Hi Everyone,

Here are the latest info about the issue. At the moment if you change the framerate inside the option of the exportation it does not affects the actual render (the settings of the framerate are not saved).

So for the moment if you want to export at a different framerate then the one you were working with you will need to change the actual framerate in the animation properties before exporting. We do realize this is very inconvenient and will try to find a solution to that problem as soon as possible.

Also, be aware that it is impossible to playback inside Toon Boom Studio at 29.97 fps since it is impossible to draw half frames so this currently leaves out the possibility to export at that specific framerate.

Once again, be assured that this problem will be addressed in the fastest delays.

Best regards,