Duration-format / export: PDF.... in frames?

Hello, I create storyboards for a 3D animation series.As the animators work not in seconds/frames but only frames they ask me to change the Duration-format fromseconds into frames… I thougt this would be easy to adjust.But…? Nothing to change…Is there a possibility to adjust, I cant find?Is there a plan to embed this in next version?Do they really have to change everything with a calculator??? (even to implement the data in exelsheets etc. it would be better to get it in frames!!.. at least in Studios in Spain…)Best regards…Harald Schroeder

Thanks Lilly… seems that my english was too bad…Now I understand what that means… perfect… it works!! :slight_smile:

Go to Edit > Preferences, Global UI tab. There’s a section called “Display duration in timecode instead of frames in” - you want to UNcheck “Exported document (PDF)” so that it will display it in frames instead.

Hope this solves your issue!