Duplicating Pegs

Is there a way to duplicate a peg, with everything in it? Also, is it possible to have multiple instances of the same elementin a scene, without just creating a new element?

To have multiple instances of an element in the same scene you clone the element. You can clone elements when you want to reuse the contents of an element, but create a different effect.Unlike duplicated elements, cloned elements and their original are linked. They both refer to the same content files in the animation set folder. When you modify one, the other is also modified.The contents of the cloned elements are shared, but you can change some of the properties of the clones without affecting the other clones.Cloning drawing and image elements does not increase the file size of your final animation.

An easy way to duplicate a peg is to collapse the peg and drag it to your local library which creates a template of the peg and all of its contents and attachments. Then you can drag that template to the timeline and you will have a functioning copy of your original peg and everything that goes with it. This would increase your file size but you can treat the new peg independently and modify it as desired.

Another way to do this is to clone the peg. The cloned pegs share control points and keyframes, and you can change the position of the peg in the 3D Sceneplanning space without affecting the clones. Cloning peg elements does not increase the file size of your final animation. -JK