Duplicating Frames

Hello, I’ve animated the first 8 frames in my walk cycle. Now I’d like to be able to copy the 8 frames, and paste them to create a loop.

Is there anyway to easily move these new 8 frames over all together, like the reposition all drawings tool, except for just what’s selected? I tried copying them to a new layer, moving them, then copying back to the previous layer, but they just returned to the same position, as if they were just instances of the copied drawings.

Any Ideas or Tips to help me out is appreciated.



select your frames then right click and choose “create cycle”, in the number of cycles specify how many times (plus 1) you want it to loop. that will create as many copies on the same layer. bear in mind anything you modify afterwards in any frame will be copied to all corresponding frames of following and previous cycles.

Thanks for the reply Amin, however that is my problem, when adjusting an animated frame it changes the previous one in the cycle.

I’ve come up with a sort of temporary solution just using multiple layers for each cycle, so I can edit(move) the images - then just have the layers in a group to tidy it up a bit.

I also worked out by right clicking the frame I think it was and going duplicate drawing I could also then adjust the image without effecting the previous, however doing this to all 8 images and then moving them after that seemed like too much hassle.



Hi Brodie,

Have a look at this video. It is about looping a walk cycle. Is this what you mean?



mjoverhaus that’s exactly what I mean. I’m using Animate Pro 2 and I tried that method but it didn’t seem to work. He mentioned something about adding a ‘freeze frame’ in animate pro; anyone have any idea how to do that?


When you do a walk cycle, you usually do your walk cycle in place, then you use your master peg to animate the position of the character across the screen. Then you don’t have the problem about needing to move the animated keys over.