Duplicating frame from peg. Video

Hi guys.

I am trying to duplicate a frame from a peg in order to have it in two’s. But it is not working to me. I might be doing something wrong. Because that should be an easy task to do.

So when I copy paste the cell, it does nothing.
For example, I want to do it from frame 2 to frame 3. So both are the same. But it is like frame 3 is tuck in its position and won’t chance at all.

I created a video to help explain my issue.


Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Collapse the whole structure then paste, right now you’re only pasting the top peg which only controls movement of the whole hierarchy, not the individual parts.

Thank you vrexus. It did work.
That was so simple I can’t believe I skipped it.

Thanks again!