Duplicating a frame...

I am just starting my first project with this software.

My first sequence is of going through a tunnel, and what I need to know is, how to copy the drawing I already have done to frame three, for every other frame I want to use the same drawing but to add a little bit more to it or take away. I was trying to use the ‘Extend Exposer’ to do this but it would change all my frames when I would make changes to frame 3.

So how do I make copies of my first frame (after I Extend Exposer for frame two) so that I have an exact copy for frame three but able for me to make changes to frame three without changing my other two frames at the same time.

I know it is so simple but my brain is on overload learning this new (and great!) program.

I figured a round about way of doing it by drag/drop with the library.


It is a relatively easy process.

Step 1: Select a cell for an element in your time line and extend the exposure of that cell using Exposure>Set Exposure to 2 . The hot key sequence for this is [CTRL] [2] (CMD+2 on the Mac). What that does is assign the cell that is in the first frame into the second frame in the sequence so that you now have a two frame “hold” of that cell. It is occupying two sequential frames but it is still only one unique cell (drawing). If you mouse over the frames in the timeline it will have the exact same cell name for both frames. For our example we will say that this cell is named A-1.

Step 2: Next you move the red frame slider over the top of the second frame instance of the cell named A-1. The hot key to do this is [S]. Now right click to open the context menu and select the Duplicate Drawing command. I have a hot key assigned through Preferences on my system for this command to speed things up I use [F6] but until you set up a hot key just use the context menu command itself. What the “Duplicate Drawing” command did was to rename the second instance of drawing A-1 to make it a unique copy of A-1 so now if you mouse over that frame it will now show its name to be in our example A-2. It is identical to A-1 at this point but totally independent and unique and when you edit it you will not be editing drawing A-1 but rather drawing A-2.

If you were working on 2’s then this would be done by [CTRL] [3] for Set Exposure to 3, then you press [S] twice to move the frame slider to the third frame in the sequence and then use the Duplicate Drawing command. -JK

Ahhh yes, that works very nice! Thanks for your time JK.