Duplicating a drawing crashes Harmony

Hello, I’m new to ToonBoom Harmony, and I’m currently using the trial version of the program. However, I’ve quickly encountered a very nasty glitch.

I’ve been told that the Duplicate Drawing shortcut, Alt+Shift+D, is one of the most frequently used for most animators. I tested out the shortcut and Harmony immediately crashed. I created a new scene and tried clicking the Duplicate Drawing option directly from the menu (instead of using the shortcut), and the result was the same: immediate crash. I tested this out a few more times in a variety of different methods, and I was met with the same result each time. [Edit: To clarify, the program didn’t just freeze or stop responding, it completely closed.]

I was hoping I’d be able to learn ToonBoom this summer, but — if this glitch keeps up — I doubt I’ll be able to. I tried searching this online, and I couldn’t seem to find any posts of anyone with the same issue. Any advice, solutions, or workarounds are appreciated. (I’m running ToonBoom Harmony Premium 15 on a Windows 10 computer, if that helps at all.)

That doesn’t seem to be a frequent issue. Are you working with an adequate hardware profile? (Tech requirements: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/system-requirements/Content/_System_Requirements/HAR_15_SystemRequirements.html) In any case, duplicating a drawing shouldn’t be a heavy operation that would result on a crash for that reason. If you have a dedicated graphics card and an integrated one make sure Harmony is running with the dedicated one. It’s the only issue you are facing?

I double checked, and my PC more than meets all the requirements. My computer does have both a dedicated graphics card and an integrated one… However, trying to open the NVIDIA Control Panel returns the error “You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU”; I assume this is a driver issue, so I’ll try reinstalling my drivers.

This is the only issue I’ve faced so far. I’m new to the program, so I haven’t tested all the bells and whistles yet.

Okay, I reinstalled my NVIDIA driver, and I set up Harmony so that it should be forced to use the dedicated graphics card. As soon as I create a new scene, the program closes. [Edit: To clarify, I can see the workspace appear for a brief second before it closes.] When I run the program using integrated graphics, it doesn’t crash until I get to the Duplicate Drawing bit.

Whenever Harmony crashes for me, the console (console? terminal? message log? …I don’t really know what to call the Command-Prompt-esque window) remains open for a second or two afterwards. A fraction of a second before the console closes, I’m met with the message “QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running.”

Still don’t know how I should go about fixing this issue.

When you run the software does it open a Command Prompt window with it? Have you tried running it via start menu or double-clicking on the EXE file in your system located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 15.0 Premium\win64\bin? Does it crash whatever the option? I’m just guessing.

Maybe you could also try to uninstall harmony, restart the computer and reinstall the software if you haven’t tried it yet. If nothing works I think you should contact Support.

I am having the same isuue, did you manage to fix it?

You must uninstall the intel igpu drivers. It’s not enough to just disable it in the bios.

Does anyone have a solution for this yet apart from uninstalling igpu drivers? It’s annoying since Duplicate Drawing is something I use all the time.

Hello everyone,

Someone open a ticket about this issue and we’re investigating as soon as I have more information I will relay the answer to everyone.

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