Duplicating a drawing AND the deformer on the drawing

Hello toonboom folk!

I worked on a show years ago, and i remember researching AND finding this solution…
But so far it seems, the later versions have removed this option?
Please please say I’m wrong…

I have a hierarchy for a hand, with a deformer on the palm, and individual finger drawings.

I just want to duplicate the hand (so I’m not ruining a master/approved hand shape) to make my own finger drawings,
but then the deformer doesn’t come with it.

Plleasseee help me someone…

they cant have gotten rid of this option!?

I found a post that says to go into the “deformer” option in the deformation tab in the preferences, and select “automatically create new deformer for each drawing” which sound perfect, but that seems to be gone too. 0-0

I found another post saying to click on the icon that is essentially the same as the “remove all keyframes” deformer button, only with the colours flipped. (green on top, red below). but I dont have that button either! 0-0

Thank you in advance for your help toonboom wizards!