Duplicating a cell

Seems like a basic question but I haven’t found the answer. I have a picture in a cell and i want to duplicate it for 10 more cells. Can I just drag it along the timeline somehow to do this or do i need to copy and paste it over and over? Dragging it just pulls it into a different cell.

Select the desired cell in the time line, then move the red frame slider to the desired frame to which you want the cell’s exposure to be extended. Right click to open the context menu and select the extend exposure command. Or you can just select the desired cell in the time line and use the set exposure to … command and enter 10 for the number of exposures (or whatever value equals your desired number of repeated frames). You can also do this in the exposure sheet.

You aren’t duplicating the cell in this case you are “extending its exposure” which is basically telling TBS to hold or repeat the same cell for multiple frames. To duplicate a cell is different, that would be when you copy the cell and give it a unique new cell name which would make it completely separate for the original cell and editable without effecting the original. -JK

While this does fill in the cells, it also pushes any subsequent cells over to the right. Any attempt to delete the extra cells then fails and i have to manually move everything back to the left. Guess this is the only way.

If you want to extend the exposure of a cell without affecting the frame of a subsequent cell, try this:

Open the Cells tab. Go to the Timeline and move the red frame marker to the next frame to the right of the cell you want to extend, assuming there are empty cells between your target cell and any subsequent images. If you have onion-skinning turned on you will be able to see the drawing you want to extend. Then in the Cells tab simply move the slider until the appropriate drawing is displayed in the window. As soon as you do that you will see that TBS automatically extends its exposure up to the next drawing without shifting it.

In other words, if you have Drawing A on frame 10 and Drawing B on frame 20 with empty cells inbetween, following the above procedure will extend Drawing A from frames 10 - 19 and Drawing B remains on frame 20.

I hope this was clear and I hope this helps.