Duplicate Templates?

So I created this cut-out character, I converted all drawings to symbols then saved the character as Template#1. After that, I dragged the template#1 into timeline, and used it to create a different cut-out character by going into symbols and redrew everything. Then I saved it as Template#2. After that, I dragged Template#1 then Template#2 into the Timeline. But the problem is, Template#2 is the same as Template#1. If I dragged Template#2 out first, then Template#1 will look like Template#2. Is there anyway to fix this? Thank you.

I’ve faced the same problem. Advice please.

should not have such problems, Toon Boom Animate Pro rename the drawings automatically, if you want to upload a screenshot of the problem to see what they are doing wrong.

You want to save your character as a template instead of a symbol. Don’t use the symbol library for this, use the Template library, by saving inside of “Animate Library”. You’ll need to right-click on the library to get the right to modify before you can save anything in there. Take another look at the chapter on Creating Templates in the User Guide (Help > Help…)