Duplicate drawing, maintain deformer

Is there a way I can make a duplicate drawing, but still maintain the deformer from original drawing?

Not sure what you mean.

Are you wanting to duplicate the drawing but only have one deformer acting upon the original and duplicate? This would be done by duplicating the drawings and placing them under the single deformer module. You could go at this by duplicating only the drawing layers in the Timeline and placing them under the deformer parent as well.

If you meant duplicate a deformer/object so you end up with two identical deformer/objects you would just select the deformer Parent/Peg thing, choose Duplicate from the top menu bar under Edit or right-click and choose Duplicate Selected Layers and everything would be reproduced so you ended up with two identical deformer/objects. (deformer/object meaning drawing plus its own deformer)

Or could you have meant something else?