Duplicate, Copy, Cycle, Paste Special?

I’m trying to extend an animation and having problems doing so. Here’s what I’ve done: I have four drawing layers on my timeline each drawing is 3 frames long. I want to have these cycle together. Do I need to put the four drawings on one layer and then cycle, or Paste Special? When I select all four layers on the timeline I can’t copy, or extend in any way.

Thanks again for help!

Thanks Lilly. I ended up putting all on one layer and that worked. I’ll try what you’re suggesting here.


This should work on multiple layers. I just did a test. I did a drag select on the right side of the timeline to select the cells from two different drawing layers. I then did a Ctrl+C to copy, and then I clicked on a later frame on the top layer and did a Ctrl+V to paste, and it pasted on both layers.

Paste Cycle works as well.