Duplicate and insert a new frame. ToonBoom Engineers if You Are Reading This, You Missed Something Really Fundamental Here.

I’ve checked the boards and it seems that ToonBoom has overlooked this very fundamental task of extending a duplicate of a frame.

Here is my case:

I have drawn 3 frames


I want to extend all 3 frames 1 more exposure and make all them editable.


2 is a copy of 1 (but editable), 4 is a copy of 3, 6 is a copy of 5, etc…

It seems that the only way to do this is selecting frames one by one, clicking extend exposure, And here I noticed another very unintuitive feature: you have to select up to what frame number the extension will be, how about giving the option how many frames the extension will be? For example I want this frame extend 2 more frames, or one more frame. You have to literally count on the time line upto what frame the exposure will be… How thought about this anyway? And after extending each frame by one , you have to select the extended exposure and ‘duplicate’ it. Dont you think the words used is also unintuitive? How about something like ‘create editable frame’ or 'release frame '. Imagine if I did 10 drawings and want to add an inbetween between all of them I have to do this on each frame. Toon boom is already on the Nth version and nobody thought about this?

ToonBoom Engineers if you are Reading this, You missed something Really bad here.

Here’s another one, how about inserting 1 blank frame (or any number of blank frames) in between a range of frames?