Duplicate a Puppet

Hey, so I’m animating a walk cycle for a puppet and I wanted to duplicate the puppet, but for some reason the only thing that’s showing up in the duplicated layer of the puppet is the the head and part of both arms. I thought that it might by a Z scaling issue but it’s not that. How do I get the rest of her body to show up?

Try duplicating from the node view. Also you have to decide, do you want it to Clone or Duplicate. The two types of clone will use the same TGV files that make up the original rig. So if you make a change to one of the drawings in the original rig it will affect the 2nd rig. If clone with timing the two rigs will mirror their animation. If you duplicate then they are completely separate from one another. That said its best to go into the Node View and make you modification there. Then you can see what is and isn’t connecting to the Display node.

Okay so I made a duplicate of the nodes I wanted, but unfortunately they’re all (with regards to the few I pointed out earlier) not connected to the composite node. Is there an easier way to connect a bunch of these nodes at once, or do I have to go through with each one and connect it?

Hi Rahel

If you want to copy the entire tree of nodes, I would suggest you either copy all the nodes along with the composite. You could also group your character and copy the group.

If ever you need to connect multiple unconnected nodes to a composite, you can do so from the timeline by selecting them and then right clicking, then select the Connect to Composite option and select the desired composite.

Hope this helps!


Oh okay thank you so much.

Definitely this. Typically on the show rigs I have worked with I see that they are grouped with the MASTER peg at the top inside the groups and a final composite before the output. If you need additional laying you can add more output pips.