Duncan's TBS Training Journey Begins.

Hey guys,

I’ve decided from here on to document every step of my reaquainting myself with TBS (8) on this thread exclusively from now on. This is so to stay organized with myself, to keep track of my progress and most importantly to keep in one place any and all direction I get from you admirable and expeirenced users of the TB community.

My first lead given was this post, a random assortment of training sources-- (Much thanks to TheCubiclite)

After a bit of browsing, I’ve chosen this first vid – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZyx3KNogqA – Anyone please let me know of any jarring interface differences between ver. 4 and 8, as this vid is of v4.

I wanted to look at Nolan’s vids http://www.nolanscott.co.nz/tutorials/ as they looked perfect to start with but the videos no longer run. Anybody know how else I can watch em?

I will keep this updated-- no pressure on your all’s attention, this thread is also just for my sake!

my gratitude to all,


Thank you cubiclite!! I am continuing the next phase of my self-training today and will probably show off the little training project I whipped up.

I look forward to hearing form you and anyone else again, at any frequency (honest).

Edit: Alright I’m going down the list of that old thread and now starting these TBS 4 tutorials.

Incidentally, I was watching an ad earlier on yt for purchasable TBS 8 tutorial videos… What happens to those after they’re no longer for sale? I’d love to see them.

Another question: I was experimenting with moving pegs and accidentally found this incredible way to guide how a peg will animate realtime by just dragging it with my mouse in camera mode so to simulate more dynamic, realistic movement. I have no idea how to do it again!!

Alright the first descrpinacny i’ve come across in this vid is at 4:00 https://youtu.be/TZyx3KNogqA?t=4m he is creating eyebrows as a new “layer” (is that different form an element?), and then uses the light table to have the head partially show for reference. However in v8 for me I can’t get the head to go away or to fade to the back using the light table. Is v4 and 8 different in this way?

EDIT: I WAS IN CAMERA VIEW. This is how I learn! :smiley:

In Camera View, you’ll see all your layers (=elements) unless you turn off their visibility by hiding them (uncheck the element in the Timeline).

In Drawing View, the selected/active layer is visible and other elements disappear. When we turn on the Light Table feature, the other elements show up with their colors faded.