Dual Screen

Hi Guys,
I am new to toon boom and i want to set it in dual monitors
how i can ?

Set your screens to ‘extend’. If you use your 1st screen (for instance, a Cintiq) with the main views docked, you can drag whatever tabs you want to the 2nd screen. Just click on the name of the tab, for instance, Tool Properties, and dragged it to the 2nd screen. On the 2nd screen you can have several floating windows or several tabs in each window.

More here: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-16/premium/user-interface/about-view.html

I don’t think there’s specific info how to set a second screen, but the process of moving views inside one screen is the same, the only limitation is you can only have one main ‘dock’ with views. The 2nd screen will have floating windows but you can add as many tabs as you want to each one.

Make sure you have decent hardware especially graphics card since using more than one screen will require more power from the GPU.