Dual Monitors

Hi All,
I’m using TBS 4.0 on a Pentium Quad machine running Vista Premium with 4Gb, and a Nvidia GeForce 8800GT. I have two monitors attached one is a Samsung 940MW and the other is a Samsung 710MP. The 940MW is my primary monitor.

When I open the camera view an move it onto the secondary monitor and press play (or select different cells in the timeline) then the camera view doesn’t change/update. This is also true for other views, any graphical change isn’t reflected in the window.

I’ve checked playing .MOV and .AVI files on the secondary monitor, and they play fine - don’t know what that proves other than the monitor and vista is set up fine.

What do I need to do to get the camera view (and others) to update on the secondary monitor?


Hi Voynitsky,

I’ve got an Nvidia GeForce vid card also (8400 GS), and i’m getting the same problem. Setting up the display as dualview or Horizontal span doesn’t work right, but for some reason the Vertical span setting does seem to work correctly. The problem with this is that it’s a little disorienting to move the pointer down to go to the monitor on the right.

Maybe someone’s got a better solution?

Here’s a better solution: in Edit/Preferences/Display set the renderer to OpenGL

Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?

Brilliant, thank you very much for spotting that.