Dual monitors?

Sorry, but I have been searching the forums and I have seen no reference, so here is my question:

Does Toon Boom Studio support dual monitors? I have seen in the trial, that only the “Properties” palette can be taken independently to the other monitor. For the rest you have to enlarge the whole main window and put the palettes at one and the drawing area at the other. Is there a way to make all the palettes act like “Properties” (put them out of the main window)?

Also, I have noticed that the “Top” and “Right” views only work on the main monitor, where the drawing area is. In the other one they show no content. Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks a lot!

Well, you didnt search very hard, theres a post about it just a bit further down the page :wink: but check it out here, maybe itll help



Thanks a lot!
Well, I used the “Search” option with “dual” and “monitor”, but I didn’t think of “multiple” or “displays” :smiley: (English is not my 1st language). I should have thought of it!

Again, thanks a lot!

no problem, i thought maybe that was what happened :stuck_out_tongue: