Will version 4 support dual monitors?

I can’t stand that in version 3 the only palette I can move to my second monitor is Properties and I have to squeeze the rest onto the primary or vice versa.


From what was tested so far all the windows were working properly in both of the monitor. Though this might be related to your computer settings or the renderer used.

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Okay, from your answer it appears you misunderstood me or I just have an alien (not alienware) computer. I can’t upload a screenshot so let me try again.

I open TB and the Drawing View, Exposure Sheet, Timeline Properties and Camera dialogs appear on monitor 1. The only dialog I can drag off of monitor 1 is Properties. Of course I can move the whole TB interface to monitor 2 but that is not what I want.

Can I move all of my dialogs onto another monitor and leave say the Dialog view or Camera view on the second? Like in Photoshop I can move everything except the canvas to another monitor.

Make sure your settings are set to horizontal span across both screens & not set up as “screen 1” & “screen 2.” then you can maximize the main TBS window & drag your various other windows to whichever screen & size you like. Hope that helps some.

Ugo, on a similar topic, has the issue of pressure sensitivity (or lack thereof) in the 2 monitor setup been addressed? There are several threads in the tablet section but I haven’t heard anything lately. I am still limited to an extremely small drawing surface on my little graphire, so I’d like to know if there’s been any headway in that area. Sorry for not starting a new thread, but I figure this is under “dual monitors” as well.

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I appreciate the suggestion, but that does not help. I would have thought with a program that had so many dialogs the developers would have considered screen real estate is sometimes at a premium, even with my 19" monitors I still have trouble keeping everything tidy. Now to be stuck with everything on one monitor is kinda goofy.

So if I ‘span’ and have say Photoshop or Illustrator open underneath TB, there goes the layout of my other programs. Not an ideal situation.

So back to my initial question; will version 4 ‘fully’ support dual monitors and not some quasi support like spanning?


I am not quite sure why you are not able to move your windows to the other monitor but there seem to be no problem doing here. There has been some optimization for support of dual monitor in version for but something has basic as bringing some windows to the secondary screen should be supported in v3.5. The only views that might not refresh properly in the secondary screen are the drawing/camera view since those are openGL views.

In any case would it be possible to know which video card you are using?

Kdog, from what has been tested so far it seem the pressure is working in both monitor when you are using the openGL renderer.

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Okay I figured out a way, I’m sure not by design, to kinda work around this issue; I stretched the main TB interface all the way across the two monitors and now I can freely move all the palettes within from screen to screen as needed. Not ideal, but it works.

If I could upload an image here, that would have helped.

Again, the point I was trying to make was I should be able to drag any dialog out of the main interface (ala Photoshop) and place it wherever on either monitor - not stretch the main interface to accommodate this.

I believe that you will be able to move all of your panels freely between displays even on a PC just like we can currently on the Mac when you have V4.0. The customizable interface is supposed to have a floating panels mode that supports that type of arrangement. I of course can’t give you a definite answer because V4.0 is not released yet, but it is my understanding based on what I have heard from reliable sources. You will not have to stretch your application frame, I believe that you will be able to move panels outside the application frame as you wish. This is one of the enhancements of the new interface customization. -JK

I believe that you will be able to move all of your panels freely between displays even on a PC just like we can currently on the Mac when you have V4.0

I hope so!

I am also limited to only being able to move the Properties dialog box to my second monitor, and I too do not wish to setup both my monitors as one wide screen since Photoshop does not work well with that configuration.

I’m off to see if I can drag ToonBoom across both screens from the top bar, as I think that is what has been suggested. And thanks for the tip!


>In any case would it be possible to know which video card you are using?

I’m using a Maxtor Millineum G-550 and a Wacom Intuos tablet that can span both monitors set up as 1 and 2 with Photoshop. Windows XP Pro.

This won’t work for me.

I stretched ToonBoom across both monitors. Since one of my monitors is slightly smaller than the other, it’s sort of lopsided, and the real estate for my larger monitor isn’t completely filled. That I could live with, BUT

Now my Wacom pen isn’t drawing where the cross hairs would indicate that it should be.

Makes sense. The Wacom is set to cross both monitors. With the program stretched across two, the writing tip thinks it is in a different place from where the drawing shows up.


Curiouser and curiouser.

My Wacom pen draws where I expect it to ONLY if ALL palettes are on the main monitor.

Even moving only the Properties palette to the second monitor is enough to find myself drawing where the X is and having the line I’ve drawn show up so far to the right that it isn’t on the drawing grid at all.

Fingers crossed for Version 4!


Not quite sure if this will help but after you changed your screen setup try to reset your wacom drivers. Toon Boom Studio Wacom support is partly linked to your screen resolution and the driver might have a had a corruption from changing of resolution. Try the following fix:


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