Dropping 3Q mouth on template that has front

So I created a character template, i have a 3Q template and a Front template, i drop in the front template, have it last 50 frames and insert the 3Q template after that for 50 frames also, so far good. now i add 2 audios, one for front and one for 3Q, i drop the front mouth template into the front part(first 50 frames) and lip sync, this works. NOW i try to drop the 3Q mouth into the 3Q part(second 50 frames) and when i do, the frames drop in but the mouth isnt 3Q its the front, but if i drop in the 3Q mouth outside the template then the 3Q mouth does appear fine. basically im having trouble syncing 3q mouth and front mouth on the same drawing, the 3Q “A” mouth gets replaced by the front “A” mouth.

Any suggestions??



I may not have understood the problem correctly, but I think I would try having the 3Q mouth shape and the Full face mouth shape in separate layers. I would perform a lipsync for the 3Q layer which would generate 3Q mouths even over the full face head shots, I would then manually delete the unwanted mouth shapes. I would then do the same for the Full face mouth shape layer.

Hope this is of some help.


It’s usually easier to work with the mouse on separated layers, because when you do the lip sync, it synchs for the whole sound, not just a part of the sound.

That being said, when you map lip sync, you also need to map to the appropriate drawings for each view. You should label your drawings something like 3Q_A, 3Q_B, etc. and F_A, F_B, etc. so that when you map lip sync, you can make sure that you’re mapping to the right mouth.