Dropper tool selecting colors from image layers

I wanted to import some image files into Animate Pro to use the dropper tool to get some colors.

I imported my image into a drawing layer. I tested this by vectorizing the image and then also tried it by not vectorizing it.

The image looks correct, but the dropper tool displays a red circle with a slash, indicating that I can’t use the dropper on that image layer.

In the vectorized version, I don’t get the circle/slash warning, but the dropper still won’t grab the color.

I read on Toon Boom support that enabling “Apply to line and color art” in the selection tool options would allow the use of the dropper, but it won’t work for me.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi tB

Line and color art are sublayers of the main drawing layer.
This is practical when you want to work you color and line art separately on the same drawing layer( they always follow perfectly)
The-Apply To Line And Color Art- is an option that let you work on both at the same time when that is more practical.

A work around for choosing the right color from an image layer is to add a new swatch and draw a line or dot on a separate drawing layer above the area with the color you want to copy. Then adjust the swatch until it matches so well you can’t see it.
Repeat the operation until you have the swatches you need.
If you want these the colors as a separate palette, start the process with creating a new palette.

Best regards

Thank you Lilly

I will for sure use the color-mixer-window eye dropper next time.
Tried it now and it works perfect.

Thanks again.

Actually there’s a process to do this. You can’t use your dropper tool on a bitmap image, because the dropper tool picks colour IDs from your Harmony palette, and when you import an image as colour, it’s simply one large texture that’s been plopped into a rectangle.

But the way to do this is to create a new colour pot, then double-click on the colour pot to bring up your colour mixer. Then there’s a colour dropper in this window. If you click on this dropper, then you can pick the colour from your bitmap image.

You will need to create a new colour pot for each colour from the original image that you want to draw with in vector.