Dropper Not Working in Camera Mode

Hi I’m relatively new to Toon Boom, and everything was going smoothly until all of a sudden I couldn’t pick up colors with the dropper tool in camera mode, and I definitely did not change any of the settings. It works in drawing mode, though. I was wondering if there was a setting that I accidentally triggered? I’d like to continue working in camera mode if possible, simply because there’s no way to preview animation in drawing mode (if there is, then by all means let me know).

Thank you!

Perhaps the graphic card ran out of memory. How much RAM does it have?
512MB is not much and the O.S. uses some of that already for desktop effects.
It becomes much worse if you’re using two monitors because you will only have half the amount.

Are you experiencing any other weird graphics glitches? That would be a sure sign. (well either that or a buggy graphic card driver)

Nevermind! Looks like closing and reopening Toon Boom a couple of times fixed it somehow. I don’t know if this is a long term solution but it works again. I’ll take it.