Dropper - not able to sample from an imp. image?


I seems like you cant pick a color from an imported image with the Dropper.
In the end i fixed it by converting the image to a bitmap layer.

So I solved the problem but it would be better to being able to pick from an image or if you got a choice when importing to convert to bitmap image.

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

What is your process? Also, what is your version and are you using a retina display?

You should be able to pick any colour in the UI with the dropper in the Colour Picker window.


There was an issue with retina display that got fixed in Harmony 14.


This is in Storyboard Pro.
I have the lastest version.

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

I forgot to mention that you can enable a preference that will give you the choice to import as vector, bitmap, and adjust the parameters.


Display Vectorize Option Dialog

Opens the Vectorize Options dialog box when importing bitmap images.

It always gives you the option to import as bitmap.

I hop this helps!


Good to know.
Thanks Marie-Eve

/ Mattias