Drop shadow wandering off

Hi all. I’m trying to use the drop shadow. The character I’m trying to put it on moves from the top left corner of the screen to the bottm middle of the screen. She also moves toward the camera. I’m using 2 pegs for her one to control the general motion of her walking across the screen, and another to control the more jittery up and down and back and forth movements. If the shadow is under her at the begining of the walk, it moves away from her at the end of the walk. Is it because she is moving toward the camera? I didn’t see anything for the shadow in the top or side view window to move the shadow in the Z direction. A pre thanks for any help Thanks.

I think, the movement of the shadow you see is the effect, that you move your object in the Y-direction - like a ball is jumping - the shadow don´t jump in Y-direction - only the ball jumps.
Try to remove the Y-movements of your object to see, if the shadow is wandering too.
(sorry for the bad english)

Maybe you are doing the same as I did. I had animated some characters using a variety of pegs, and a top-level peg to hold the complete character and movement. I then decided I wanted a drop-shadow on the characters. So I added the drop-shadow and dragged the top-level peg onto the drop-shadow. However, I then had the same problem as you.

The problem was that the top-level peg which had the movement of the characters across the scene was lower down the hierarchy than the drop shadow. The drop-shadow needs to have the movement as well. So I made sure the drop-shadow was added below the top-level peg. I then needed to add a new peg so to group all the character elements together under the drop-shadow.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks, worked great Voynitksi. However my computer isn’t good enough to keep up with the effect. It took about 1.5 hours to render for playback, and the file size was 21.3M. Whereas, it took less than a minute and only 817K to render once I removed the shadows.