Drop Shadow - rigged character

Animate user - migrated from TB Studio. In TBS you apply a Drop shadow layer to a rigged character - so any amendments to the animation are automatically reflected in the shadow layer.

Now have I got this right for Animate? You have to clone the whole rigged character layers and attach them to a shadow layer. Then distort the cloned character peg to get the desired shadow. HOWEVER, any amendments to the animation in the solid character will not be updated in the shadow? In other words, I would have to delete the original clone group and re-clone the updated figure then re-attach it to the shadow layer? Or is there an easier method?

Check out this Tutorial:
(copy and paste for a direct link, including -v8)

It gets interesting at about 1:20 min, when he duplicates the layer,
applies a quadmap and a drop-shadow…


So in the tutorial they make a symbol of the character and the animation, draft that back in and turn it into a shadow.

I have tried this and found that altering the solid character animation automatically updates the shadow. It doesn’t work with cloned drawings.

I have been sticking to creating my characters in drawings, rather than symbols. I’m a Toonboom Studio migrant - so symbols are not easy for me to incorporate into my working process.

You shouldn’t need to use symbols in order to do a drop shadow - you should be able to just clone your hierarchy and apply the shadow effect, as you said. When you clone a layer, the drawings are linked together so that any changes that are made to the drawings in one are also made to the drawings in the other. However a clone is delibarately made so that the timing can be different on each one. So yes, in the case of doing a drop shadow, you should do the drop shadow last, after all the timing is done.

If you do need to change your timing on one and you’ve already created your clone and shadow layer, you can simply select the cells in the timeline of the original, then copy and paste them into the cells of the clone layer, and the timing will be copied. So you don’t actually need to delete the clone layer.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply.