Drop Shadow Effect Issues, hard to resize & missing dialog box?

I found another issue this morning. Can’t seem to find any solutions in forums or tech help so I’m posting here.

Issue#1: Right clicking on frame bar in timeline opens blank dialog box. If you right click the other effects available you receive a small menu. This one is completely blank.

Issue#2: When creating a drop shadow, when you resize the shadow via the transform box the shadow gets displaced quite far sometimes. Thus, if you need to adjust it (as you will), you have to zoom out, pan to find the shadow, zoom in, adjust, zoom out, pan to find transform box, zoon in, repeat. Is there a better way As this method is lengthy and yields poor results as you can never see both at same time.

Issue#3: Effect with transparent png files creates solid box rather than cut out shadow. Possible to get cut out shadows with pngs created in photoshop?

Any thoughts are welcome!

Hi,Concerning your blank menu, I did not manage to reproduce this yet. If you could provide us a screenshot of where to right click with the blank menu that would help use figure what is going on.For the drop shadow, are you using independent shadow (basically hiding the original drawing) or are they still linked together. Be aware that depending on the angle that you set it will displace the shadow. If you want to have access to the control command more easily you may want to align your drawing in the middle of the drawing view as the controls of the shadow are always in the center of the grid of a drawing.When you want to use bitmap for effects make sure that you vectorize them as image elements are actually always scaled at the size of your camera. When vectorized it will allow you to define the outline of the vector which will be used in the effect with the contour editor.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks Ugo for getting back to me on all these issues. I realize I’ve got a lot of questions of which some could be solved through simple experience and more work, but combined with the crashes and other weird problems I’ve been having, I hope you understand my frustrations ;-)With the drop shadow issue, I did have them connected but didn’t try to center them in the ‘drawing view.’ I’ll definitely try this as I’m sure this is the same mistake I’ve been making with other items. I was also still using bitmap pngs and not vectors, my mistake. Once converted they work fine, thanks!I attached a screen shot of where you would right click to get the blank white box. I can’t get a grab though of it, just where you’d right click. Hope this helps!http://www.christophergrant.net/grab2.jpg

Hi,You might want to use a single drop shadow a the bottom of the whole hierarchy instead of multiple shadows on each pieces. This may also greatly help you with stabilizing your renders as creating effect on each single pieces of the character will be quite heavy.Best regards,Ugo