driver igfx error

I’ve installed Toon Boom’s Animate2 software and keep getting a “display driver stopped working” error for driver igfx. What do I do to fix it? As soon as we try to use the animate2 software, by clicking on a drawing tool and starting to draw the first line, it blacks out and shows the error and closes the program. Your help is greatly appreciated. ???

SL you should post your computer’s specs, like operating system, Graphics card, etc.

From reading your post, my guess would be that you probably have integrated Graphics card, or one that is not up to spec.

Contacting tech support with the specs as Alex suggested is best. Most of us have no issues which means we have little experience in fixing them.

Indeed sending an email to is best. However when you do make sure you include the graphics card information. It sounds like you do not have an ATI or NVidia graphics card.