Drift in Sync with MOV files

Hi, I hope you can help me out.I’m currently storyboarding and shooting an animatic for a TV commercial.When I scrub or play my animatic within Storyboard, everything is fine, but when I export it to a Quicktime Mov file (and I’ve tried a huge range of compression and size settings) I’m finding that the vision and audio drift increasingly out of sync, by about a second or so at the end of the 30 sec animatic.The vision is behind the audio.When I export the animatic as an image seq and import my sound file and the image sequence into Premiere to view it, the sync is correct.If I then export my Premiere project out as a Quicktime MOV file, the sync is still correct.So it appears to be a problem with Storyboard Pro and how it exports MOV files.Any help or advice would be greatly welcomed. I was hoping to use Storyboard Pro exclusively for storyboards and animatics, but if this can’t be solved, I’ll have to go back to Photoshop and Premiere.I’m also going to post a feature request for something I was really surprised doesn’t exist in Storyboard.Many thanks,Mark.

Hi Lilly,Thanks for the reply.The audio file is a .wav file in MP3 format.The drift in sync also happens in exactly the same way if I export the animatic out as a SWF file.I’ve got 3 exported versions of my animatic I could send you:1. Quicktime export from SP2. SWF export form SP3. Quicktime export from Premiere CS5 using a TGA image seq (exported from SP) and the same MP3 .wav audio file used in the previous 2 SP exports.Both movie exports in SP show the same drift in sync, but the Premiere export is in perfect sync. You will also be able to see from these exports why a second video/text layer would be a great addition to SP.If you’d like to see them, let me know where to send or upload them.Kind regards,Mark.