dream effect and other effects

Does toon bom (or toon boom pro… even tho i currently use studio) have any Effects that can be added simply?

I have made a little clip, and i want to make it into a dream scene… (clouds around the borders)
do i have to do it by drawing it? or is there some effects i can download?

I believe that you are looking for the “Harry Potter” upgrade which is currently not available. Sorry I couldn’t resist. Wouldn’t it be great if we could apply a magic wand to our work instead of actually having to create stuff. -JK


At least in TBS 5.0 there are limited effects that can be applied. You have to draw them or create them in the program through ‘tricks.’ It seems TBS is purposely kept with only 3 effects so you’ll be forced to upgrade if you want more of the type of effects you’re after.

When I first started using TBS I had the misconception that I had to do my entire animation with it including scene transitions, camera moves, titles, special effects, etc. For the most part, you can do a lot of those things in TBS but I have found it easier to do it in a video editor program instead.

The software I use is Sony Vegas Pro which allows me to add all the effects listed above and more. So what I do now is to simply animate each individual scene in TBS and export each one as a MOV. Then, I put those clips into SVP and arrange them in order, overlap, fade, add transitions, titles, borders, etc. It’s a much more convenient environment to work in for creating your final animation. Once you’re done editing, render the entire animation in whatever format you want.