Drawn line jumps to other place in drawing


I am a new Toon Boom user, and just getting started. So I made a base character and now wanted to make drawing substitutions for eyes etc.
Howerver all the drawings that have pegs and are connected to other pegs seem to have this weird issue that when I want to draw anything at all, the line I just made with jump to the side and endsup at a different location than where I drawed it, and wanted it to be.

If I make a new drawing layer the problem does not occur. I spend all this time making my character and do not want to draw it all over again.

Does somebody know what the cause and solution is for this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Do you have deformers active on your current layer? If you draw on a layer with any sort of active deformation it will affect the new drawing after you lift your pen. If this is the case, you need to reset the transformation for that frame or make your edits in the drawing panel

The problem was the deformer tool, it was active and causes weirdness… Thanks!