drawinig: how to move a drawing image ?

Hello, it sounds strange but to me this is my hardest and unresolved problem, and desesperating theme, about toonboom and storyboard using MAC.

I have read the manuals, taken the courses, but at the moment I can not find a correct way to move selected drawings in MAC.

Some times I need to copy and paste a drawing and then move the new image to a different area in the same layer (If I do copyçpaste toonboom puts the new image just on the right of the copied image), and other times I just need to move the same drawing in the same layer.

but how can I move those selected drawings with the mouse?

I use the select tool, selected the drawings.if I use the arrow keys, the image gets moved to another position step by step… so slow. but it works.

but when I use the mouse, I see only the 8 rectangles for resize the image, the circle for rotation in the same center, and the circle for change the center of rotation, so that is not what I need.

I am using a 2 clicks mouse button, the right click displays the menu, the left click.
The left button does nothing over the selected image, some times it displays the lazo tools, some times it drags the image , but it is no constant because the lazo gets diswplayed the other times and I can not drag the image, and the selection get lost and, the lazo gets displayed when I try to repeat the movement of the image toon boom does not move the image.

what are the correct commands in toonboom and solo toonboom to drag an drop selectected images in MAC???

thanks a lot

but how can I move the image selected to another part of the screen with the mouse?

Hi Parsenn1 you can move your selected drawing using the select tool.
When it hovers over a part of your vector, the tool switches from a lasso to an arrow (the drawing should already be selected). You can then left-click
on the vector to drag-move it.


Yea, the important thing is once the lines are selected( the transformation box appears like you said) you make sure to go back on one of the lines and drag the object/line. Don’t go between lines of the selection, you have to be on the line or if it was painted go on a painted area.

By the way if you use the Shift key with the arrow keys the nudging is faster.

thanks a a lot ;D ;D ;D