Drawings won't Flatten

I am currently working on a cut out character and creating the elbow pivots. For some reasons my drawings have stopped flattening. When I try they are still all separate drawings. They aren’t grouped and have all been turned from pencil lines into drawing strokes. This is making my life very difficult.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

I’m a little bit unsure about what you’re saying. You mention working on pivots, and then drawings flattening. Are you working on one drawing layer, and you try to flatten some lines together, and they’re not flattening together? Were they all coloured with the same colour pot?

Also you mention something about pencil lines and brush strokes. Did you do a convert > Pencil to Brush?

And are you having some trouble setting the pivot points on those drawings?

If you think it would help to clarify, then you can upload a screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then post the link here.