Drawings won’t display even if it’s connected to composite

I need help with my toon boom harmony program — I’m doing a cutout rig for my plate in class and I’ve done all the drawings needed, added pivots and placed deformers. However, after I finished placing the deformers, my face drawings for my character cutout rig won’t display. It’s still connected to the composite tho. And I tried alt + up/down if I could fix it but it didn’t work. The other drawings are still there and when I don’t select anything, I could still see the slightly transparent shadow of my fave drawings so I know it’s there but it just won’t display :frowning:
I hope my explanation made sense but I really need help with it :((

I guess there could be several reasons.

Are you using Premium och Advanced?
Since you dont mention nodes I guess it’s Adv.

If you open the Side or Top View it be easier to see if the face is behind everything.
And in the timeline that the face drawings is on top of the others.

/ Mattias

Thank you for replying!

I’m using Harmony Premium 16 and the nodes.
I tried accessing the side and top view camera but even if I move it forward, it still doesn’t show.
Originally, the face composite is being cut by the head composite (cutter node), but even if I delete the cutter node and connect the face composite to the main composite, it doesn’t show up anymore.


Strange. for me often you dont have to move the layers in z-value since if you just have them in the correct order it will mostly work.

it’s hard to tell when not seeing the node view or the project.

If you want I can have a look at it and see if I can find the problem.

Send a link to my mail mattias(a)gordon.se

/ Mattias