Drawings that can have 2 envelope deformers on it

It would be really awesome to have this feature where like say there is lips and on the upper lip can put a deformer in the middle of it to change the movement of it, but a second envelope deformer that goes around the outline so you can change the shape of the lip as well.

Is there a way to do this without scripts yet?

You almost sort’a can do this, but it’s tricky and probably wouldn’t give a very good result,. You would be better off just breaking out the lips into two separate elements with their own deformation. However, in a pinch when dealing with less than ideal elements provided from a design, I’ve used multiple chains on a single piece of artwork…and got mixed yet for the job satisfactory results.

You can build two chains, and then pull them into the same group and then use a Deformation Composite to bring the two chains together. The Deform Comp is more or less legacy and was once used for multi-chain builds, but you can still use it here to achieve what you are looking for.

Again, I wouldn’t really recommend this, but there you have it!

I’ve not tried it myself but William Saito has made an example of how you could do it here:

It could be an issue to have two deforms in one drawing
It is better to have two separate drawings upper and lower lip and deform separately.