Drawings showing up black?

I downloaded Toon Boom Animate 3 PLE the other day to try and work on my animating skills. It installed fine, but when I tried to start drawing, the lines were black. The canvas was also dark grey, but I don’t think that’s related. Anyways, what can I do to fix this? I really like the program.

Sounds like a graphic card problem. Contact support to verify this.

You can always try updating the video card driver.

Black is the default drawing color. Gray is the default background color in the Camera Window. If you prefer a different drawing tool color go to Windows > Color and select a color. You can also draw in the Drawing Window if you prefer a white background, or you could add a Colour-Card in the timeline for a white background (or any color of your choice.)

No, I mean that whenever I pick a colour, it always shows up black.

the sam problem happened withe me