Drawings show up on timeline, but not on the canvas

I’m currently using Harmony 21 for a university group project, which means we frequently have to share files with each other so that we can all work on the animation. My partner has sent an animation to me and I’ve downloaded the file, but whenever I open it, the drawings that he did don’t show up on the canvas; however, everything is still there on the timeline. Is there a way to fix this? I need an answer pretty urgently because of an approaching deadline. I’ll attach a screenshot below for some clarity;

How do you share the files? are they compressed?
Did you get a warning when you opened the scene.
In the screenshot I see two layers disabled and your palettes are missing though that shouldn’t be an issue. Do you see any drawing under the Drawing Substitutions. If you send back the file to your partner does it work for them. Sorry without seeing the files it is hard to say.


Harmony doesn’t seem to display an error message when it is unable to find sourcefiles.

I think that the best thing to do before sending a scene to someone is to save it by going to
“File” → “Save as New Version…”.
(I even do this every time when working locally.)

Then, compress the whole scene folder and send the archived file to you collegue.

I (resave) ‘File’‘Save As…’ the scene I’m sharing, then zip it and ship it. No reason for others to see all my versions of a scene, they just need the one that they need to work with (Yes, there are some exceptions).

Keep in mind when saving versions…
When a scene has several versions, the drawings and palettes are the same between all the different scene versions. You can modify the timing, effects, parameters and camera motions in a specific scene version, but if you make change to a drawing or a palette, the change will affect all scene versions.

Hi steenbeck,

Yes, you’re are absolutely right and that’s what I actually meant. :slight_smile:
“File” → “Save as New Version…” is the option I never use.

“File’ → ‘Save As…” creates a new independent folder for the scene, which is best for sharing with others (and even when working locally as you don’t have to care about changes that could affect previous versions of the scene).