Drawings show up in different location

I had just finished all of my hands for swapping and renamed the drawings according to the tutorial (f1, f2, p1,p2 etc) and saved and everything looked great. now when I reopened the file the left hand is flipped vertically and has moved to a higher vertical position on the screen. Is there an easy fix for this or do I have to manually adjust all the drawings again?

I tried the F7 solution to no avail.

You are correct in that it is only showing up in the drawing view and not the camera view.

The mouth is now showing up flipped horizontal in the drawing but still okay in the camera.

I did do a lot of copy and paste stuff when I was reflecting the views for the turnaround but I tried to make sure that all of my copying and pasting was done in the camera view so that a new drawing would be created. The way I copied and pasted was pretty much ctr+c and ctr+v. Is it possible that the issue stems from there? Should I have been using paste special in some way?

Well first let’s determine if the change has taken place on the drawing layer (as a keyframe or as a non-keyframed movement with the transform tool) or whether the change has taken place on the drawings.

Do you see the change in the Drawing View as well as in the Camera view? If yes, then you should readjust your drawings using the Reposition All Drawings tool.

If no, then you have probably created a keyframe on your drawing layer. Select your drawings and hit F7 to remove keyframes. Does this pop them back into place?


What if you select those frames and do an Animation > Reset All?

The only thing I can think of is that when you do a copy and paste from the timeline, it copies the exposure and not the actual drawing. So you should have done a copy from the Drawing view, not from the Camera view.

Or you can do a copy and then a Paste Special with “Always Create Drawings” on.

You probably did just a regular copy, which copied the exposure, and then you flipped the drawing, and it flipped both at the same time.