Drawings shifting

THis has happened several times. I’ll be working on the end of an scene, then I return to the beginning where a character has shifted several inches from where they’re supposed to be. Any idea how I’m doing this?
And to fix it, is there a way to select and move several keyframes at once?
I’ve tried to do this, to put the character back in the right places for 2 minutes of animation, but no matter how many keyframes i select, it only affects the first one. Thoughts?
~ Justin


I don’t know based on this information. However, my drawings always shift “unexpectedly” when I forget to make sure the “Animate Button” i.e the little running stickman button, usually found in the left hand corner of the screen, is in the mode appropriate to the transformations I want. Another, reasons my drawings shift “unexpectedly”, is when I forget to insert a keyframes at the point I want a particular action to end and a new action to begin.

Apologies if you’ve already thought of this stuff.


Thanx bobP,
Yeah, I think I’ve accidentally clicked off the Animate/Running Man button before. Really not sure what that’s for – why would you ever turn it off?
I also think my character shifted because I moved my Advanced Animation Rotate pivot point – big no-no, right?

If I turn off the Animate button, then select only certain keyframes and move them, will only the keyframes I selected move?

So what the Running Man does is it will automatically create keyframes when you use the Transform Tool to move things around.

Sometimes you might want to turn the Animate button off if you want to move all of the keyframes at once. Say you’ve finished doing a bouncing ball, and you decide that you want to shift all of your keyframes over to the left, then you can turn off your Animate button and shift your ball and all the keyframes will shift with it.


No they’ll all move - but here’s a handy trick. Turn off the Animate button, then move everything. Then, copy the keyframes that look good that you want to keep. Then undo your move! Now paste the keyframes back on top, and it will paste only those keyframes that you wanted to keep.