Drawings not appearing in drawing panel

I have an SB Pro project that I just opened after closing it about 5 minutes ago. While I can see drawings in the thumbnails in my timeline and drawings on the layers panel, the actual main drawing window (sorry, don’t know the correct name for it) is blank, no matter which panels i select. I’ve seen this happen before when the folder the project is in has been moved. But in this case, NOTHING was moved. The only variable I can think of is that I imported the project from my desktop system to my laptop using a flash drive, but everything worked fine until I closed SB Pro to go to lunch. When i reopened it, the above has happened. I looked in the Elements folder and can see all the original .tvg files so I know the drawings are here somewhere. See screenshot, it explains it better than I can…Help!

We are having a similar issue on my team, and its creating real problems. Today it happened without the folder having been moved at all, costing us several hours of work. I’m hoping someone gets back to you/us about this soon.

It doesn’t seem like the support staff is very responsive, most of the issues raised on this forum have not gotten any attention. Its pretty disappointing.

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Don’t edit projects from an external drive, USB drive or folder linked
to cloud storage - this can introduce delays that can potentially corrupt
the project.

Don’t rename or move the project while it is open for editing.
If you move projects anywhere, zip the project folder before moving
and unzip at the target location.

I have the same problem with my scene folders. I save and close the scene, then zip and move it to another computer. But it still shows a list missing elements. What should I do to fix this?