Drawings Missing?!?

All the drawings are missing in my project!

I opened up a duplicate of a project and got this error:

Then, when I opened up the project, it was completely blank!! I checked the library and saw this:

These graphics came up for all the drawings! Where are all the drawings?! I’m a certified pack rat so I can absolutely guarantee NOTHING has been deleted. I did move the duplicate project into another sub folder - and worked on it without error in one session. Saved, exported, opened, closed, reopened, etc. But then went back to it a few days later, I got this. I didn’t save it this time, but moved it back to the main directory - thinking it would repair the association. Still the error remains. There’s nothing wrong with my external drive.

Fortunately, I had an older version I could go back to but still!!! What is going ON here?! How could these images be referential?! Everything was created as independent elements in TB - NO imported art and NO clones!

Please, some help would be great! I’ve been telling people all over town to use this app, but now I feel like I’m going to have egg on my face if this happens to anyone else.


Go to cage_background folder and check if there is a file called cage_background-8 in that folder. If not, it is probably removed due to some reason such as crush or manually removed by mistake or not copied properly when project duplication was happening manually. You can compare it with the original project by opening the saved project folder side by side. Basically, it requires more information for the mystery.