Drawings missing from Storyboard Pro

Drawings are missing from Storyboard Pro 4.2. The file was not moved when it was open, nor was any folder renamed. The auto save is on. It didn’t crash. Upon opening the file this morning SOME work was there from yesterday, but other drawings were missing. The layers for the drawings were there as were panels, but no drawings. We imported yesterday’s"draw" files from the elemnets folder and they were not there either.

Did you save before you closed the last edit session? The auto-save only
kicks-in when there is some inactivity so as not to interfere with you while
you’re actually editing the board.

Also, sometimes people get impatient and force-quit the program while
it is saving which could also cause what you describe.

Beyond that, what’s the full folder path where the project was being edited?
Is this a location on the internal hard drive elsewhere?