Drawings/Layers rotated in 3d space display with "true" depth of field

i discovered a while back that drawings utilizing D.O.F. effects have the effect defined by the camera distance, applied uniformally to entire drawing as if it were pre-flattened and flat-camera-facing after the transformation, regardless of the geometric transformations applied in 3d space. it does not, like in the context of AE or other compositors or 3d software, “know” that there should be a ramp to the effect like an actual camera lens, where the areas of the 3d-rotated drawing farthest from the camera "lens"are more blurred than the drawing areas nearest the lens (or vice versa, depending on your DOF settings of course). while i still like and use the existing Harmony DOF effect, it was a big disappointment that i couldn’t ramp the effect as i had planned/hoped. this is a tricky effect to pull off if jumping between software solutions with intermediate renders, would be SO much handier if harmony could do this DOF, in-app. slow rendering would be fine, even :slight_smile:

i know that multiple items arranged sequentially stepping away from the camera will take up an automatic, dynamic DOF blur based on camera distance, but this respective blur is uniform across each drawing’s, ignoring 3d transformations. it would be much more powerful if the DOF effect could follow this more traditional, expected approach. harmony’s DOF as it stands is still good and useful for many tasks, maybe the current DOF effect could remain as a “light” DOF for when you don’t need the actual ramping depth, and a new “3D DOF” effect could be added to allow actual depth ramps. i can see both being used in the same scene for efficiency.

you could also consider other methods of controlling this, or even making them options in this new proposed DOF effect for advanced controls, using greyscale depth maps/channels/alphas, etc… check out Buena Depth Cue for ideas on how this might be approached: http://aescripts.com/buena-depth-cue/