Drawings Have Disappeared


A student opened her project (that I have attached) and began drawing and moving some layers. She might have pressed a key on the keyboard or brushed against a button on the Wacom Draw tablet. Her drawings then disappeared and only sound was visible in the timeline. All nodes are still present. She did save the document. What might have happened and is there a way to recover her layers/drawings, etc.? We have only one week of regular classes left before finals and she is, understandably, very upset about this. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


I think you forgot to attach the file. In the meanwhile, maybe you disconnect some node? or change between art layers?

The drawings disappeared from Camera and Drawing views? or only from one of them?

Can you post a screen capture of all the interface? If you don’t see some layers on the Timeline but you see them connected on the Node view maybe the Display was switched by accident. If the nodes are not connected to the Composite just connect them one by one. Check if the default Display is selected on the Timeline or somewhere on the top of your interface (if you don’t have the advanced option activated you’ll have a single display switch for all areas).

The drawings have disappeared in both Drawing and Camera views. The student disabled the nodes but nothing changed. I’ve attached a jpeg of the work screen after she disabled the nodes (Screen0.1.jpeg.jpeg) as well as a jpeg of the screen before the problems (Screen0.2.jpeg).

Thank you for replying. I’ve attached two jpegs. One is of the screen with the problems. The other is before the problems occurred.

It seems that you disabled all the layers, select all the nodes in the node view and enable them again by pressing “A” (pressing “D” will disable the selected layers/nodes).

Are they connected to a display node? Or Is the display node they’re connected to the one configured in the Display Bar (you can have more than one display)?

Thanks for your reply. The drawings now show up in drawing mode but not in camera mode. Any suggestions?