Drawings have disappeared, but frames are visible in the timeline.


I’m having a problem with TB Harmony in which the drawings have disappeared from the frames. In the timeline I’m able to see the frames, but each frame and the layer’s library is empty. The library shows the amount of drawings that were used for that layer, but they’re empty as well. Is there a way for me to recover those drawings?

I also have a copy of that TB file, but in that copy the drawings nor the frames in the timeline are visible.

I saved the copy as backup, but I don’t understand how it deleted both files’ drawings.

I’m not completely sure about this, but if you saved your backup in another folder, different that the original file, the new one won’t be able to find the project drawings. I might be wrong though, it’s been a long time since I tried to do something like that.

It was a copy of the entire file. It’s how I always backup my projects and it’s always worked. Although it’s not the first time random drawings in random layers have been deleted like this.

Thank you!

Have you updated to latest harmony patch? In the patch notes it said they fixed the problem when sometimes opening a project drawings would be blank.