Drawings completely disappear from one version of Harmony to the other

Hello, I’m working with a colleague on a project but he’s got a different version of harmony than I have ( he’s got Harmony 15 essential while I have Harmony 14 advanced )
I sent him a project we were working on, he colored it and sent it back to me, when I open it the frames were still the same but the cells were completely blank and all the drawings were disappeared .
This would sometimes happen when i used to work in Flash, some elements for example symbols would disapear when going from one version of the program to another, but it never happened to me to have all the drawings disappear, does anybody has ever had this kind of problem?
Please help me if you have any info on how to solve this
Thank you very much!

I dont know if its the ver 15- 14 that made this or the different programs ( ess - Adv )
Advanced have much more features and 4 art layers.

  • Do you have any tvg image files in the scene folder called “elements”?

  • One maybe more secure way would be to save the scene as a template and then you can drag that template into your software.

I hope this info help you in some way.