Drawings changing arrangement after pulling template from library?

When I add my character into the library as a template and then pull it out into another scene, some of the drawings are rearranged. The torso was over the head and arms and it wasn’t like that before. It wasn’t too difficult to fix in the node view but it’s a bit of a pain. Any ideas there?


Before making your character a template, do you have a keyframe at the start of the timeline and on any other changes (different views)

Yeah, it is possible when I was rigging him I had animate mode on. I deleted the keyframes and changed all composites to ‘pass through’ as one person recommended. It has helped but the arms are still out of order but it took 2 seconds to rearrange them. Anything else I can do?

You should have keyframes in your template, not delete them. The keyframes will set the arrangement you want. Without the keyframes your body parts will be layered exactly as they are in the timeline, or if you have the network/node view they will be in the order of the wires leading into the composite. With keyframes in your template, your character should stay arranged how you want it.