Drawings are gone when student opens project after compressing & moving it from one computer to another

This has happened to multiple students maybe ten times already in the first four weeks of school. They have opened a project that has been ZIPped to transport from one computer to another to find only blank frames on the timeline with no drawings. It is common enough that others must be experiencing this and/or it seems like a serious problem that Toon Boom should address.

Is it that the program isn’t looking in the correct directory for the drawing files after being loaded to a new drive and uncompressed? Can it be fixed or can we fix it somehow? Does anyone here have advice on how to re-link drawings to the timeline?

A co-worker of mine had the same problem.

Maybe the reason for the is the same in your students’ case.
She tried to run the HY project from inside the zip file.

Harmony won’t display the drawings when the HY file is still contained in the zip file.

Indeed, in recent versions of Windows, zip files are handled as folders which makes that people easily forget that they are actually opening the file from inside a zip file.